Math Challenge is Back
Math Challenge is returning to our school this year and the first packet is now available for students to solve! This is a free enrichment program offered to our students through the PTSA.  There will be 15 Math Challenge packets throughout the year, approximately one every 2 weeks.  We encourage students to solve the problems on their own or with help from family members.  We hope you will enjoy this activity throughout the year! The responses to the first packet are due Oct 6! Rachel Carson Math Challenge - Math Challenge (   This year, we have new options for ... read full article

Calling all Volunteers!!

Volunteers are welcome back in school! Please consider donating your time and talents by clicking here.  All volunteers must be approved by the district.  As of November 1, 2022 LWSD no longer requires proof of vaccination for COVID-19 for volunteers although vaccination is still the most effective strategy to protect children and adults from severe illness. For more information and to complete your volunteer application, please click here.

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Our New Board for 2022-2023

        • President                       David Berkman
        • Vice President                OPEN (2 possible)
        • Secretary                       Makiko Ikeda
        • Co-Treasurers                 Ranjani Varagan / Helen Hodges
        • VP Expenditures             Maryem Naveed 
        • Co-VP Social Events        Ya-chi Chen
        • Co-VP Social Events        Mala Giri
        • Co-VPs After School        OPEN (2)
        • Co-VPs Fundraising         Sara DeCoons / Laura Thompson
        • VP Communications        Fan Sang 
        • Special Education Chair   Huma Zarif
        • Membership Chair           OPEN
        • Community Liason Chair  OPEN
        • Legislative Chair             OPEN
        • Member at Large            Ayesa Kaur


New Leadership Needed for the PTSA Board

Our PTSA will need some dedicated members to step up to fill some of the leadership roles.

We ask that if any members are interested in joining the board, please contact our current fearless president at  

Do you know a parent in your class that may be suited for a leadership position on the PTSA board?  Would you like to be more involved in supporting our school and wonderful community?  Click here to find job descriptions for our Board positions.  We are seeking volunteers for Executive Vice President, Co-Treasurer, Co-VP's Fundraising, Co-VP's After School Programs, Co-VP's Communications, Membership Chair, as well as various committee chairpersons. The PTSA would love to have you!

Mar 19
Apr 1
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