Employer Matching Programs


Many Companies offer employees matching programs.  If you or your spouse work for one of these generous employers, you may be able to DOUBLE your donations.

Below are some companies that participate in this program:-

  • AT&T
  • Boeing
  • Costco
  • Expedia
  • Google
  • Hornell Anderson Design
  • Microsoft - Offer both money matching and volunteer hours
  • Starbucks
  • UBS
  • United Way
  • Wells Fargo

If your company is not listed here, please ask them if they have a matching program.



Microsoft matches U.S.-based employee cash or software donations to 
eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Microsoft employee donations to 
eligible organizations are matched up to $12,000 per employee per year. 
Microsoft must receive the matching gift form from your organization by January 
31 in order for this match to be applied to the employee’s matching limit for 
the prior calendar year. The gift must have been made in the last 12 months in 
order to qualify for a matching gift. 

Please submit your matching amount online here: http://give This site can only be opened on a Microsoft network.

Volunteer Hours Matching: Like many companies in the United 
States, we match our employees’ donations dollar for dollar. At Microsoft, we 
take it one step further by matching volunteer time at $17 per hour through the 
Volunteer Time Matching program. Through this benefit, the allocated limit is 
US$12,000 per employee, per year. Please submit your volunteer time online here: 


Please submit your matching gift amount online here:http://www.cybergrants.com/boeing/giftmatch 
Boeing's Employee Gift Match Program is designed to support a variety of 
employee contributions to more types of non-profit organizations including 
monetary contributions of cash and/or stock, volunteering and participation in 
cause-related walks -- up to a maximum of $6,000 per active, full-time employee 
per year. Please be advised of the following changes to the program:

• All gift match requests must now be made online. Paper forms will no longer be available. 
• $100 minimum donation required for monetary donations. 
• Volunteer at least 50 hours and Boeing will match your volunteer time at $10 per hour. 

If you have questions, comments or support requests please contact 877-217-6379 
or   boeingsupport@cybergrants.com


Matching Gifts Expedia supports the causes its employees care about through its 
matching gift program. Employee contributions made to 501(c)(3) organizations 
and educational institutions are matched dollar for dollar, up to $5,000 annually for employees based in the United States and Canada. Organizations are notified electronically when an employee has requested a matching contribution on their behalf, and funds are distributed quarterly. Please go online and input your donation through your company’s intranet.


Corporate Matching Gift Programs

Rachel Carson PTSA is a 501(3)c nonprofit charitable organization. If you work for a corporation, such as Microsoft or Boeing, that offers a matching gift program, your gift to Rachel Carson can be doubled. Please ask your Human Resources department for information, fill out the proper forms, and return them to the school office,Attn:  Rachel Carson PTSA's treasurer.  For all other companies, please designate "Rachel Carson Elementary PTSA" as the recipient organization. *The address for Rachel Carson PTSA is in Tacoma, WA.  

If you work for another company with a matching gifts program, please contact the PTSA at treasurer@carsonptsa.org to post instructions.